Walking Out on a Partner

Two people who appear to be completely compatible are often envied, but those outside the relationship do not always see the cost it can impose on the partners. The relationship they have might have been forged over several years before they were able to find their way to compatibility, or one person might feel they are suffocating with too much agreement from their spouse. Walking out on a partner suddenly is often a shock for everyone, but it might be the only solution for someone who has spent years in a relationship too good to be true.

While it is always nice to have a partner agree on an issue, too much agreement could lead a person to feel there is little or no challenge left between the pair. They could see their partner as failing to be invested in the relationship, and they might begin to wonder why they stay. This can lead a person to a lack of connection with their spouse, and it can cause them to begin investigating other options.

When a person appears to leave a relationship suddenly, it is generally only because people have failed to notice their lack of happiness. The couple might appear perfect in public, but a growing sense of failure could be lingering between them whenever they are home without company. They could be going through the motions of a relationship, or one person could find their compatibility stifling.

A partner being left without notice is often as surprised as anyone else, and they can suffer through a great deal of confusion and loss. Their acquiescence in the relationship might have been meant as a way to smooth over issues they did not consider important, and they could be shocked to find out they have created a disconnection with the one they love. While the two might reconcile, it might also turn out for the best if each finds someone new.