Finding Passion in a Relationship

When two people agree about almost everything, there is little argument when it comes to life choices. They might have small spats about the little things in life, but they seldom last more than a few minutes. For those who feel a relationship should be one where they are allowed to openly fight to gain their choices, passion could be missing. They see their agreeable partner as disengaged, and they might choose to move on to a more satisfying relationship.

Couples who have been together for many years often find their passion has waned, but many of them can recover it if they are willing to do the work. It might be less about their feelings for each other, and they can generally find ways to be passionate without the arguments and emotional pain it can cause.

Other people believe that finding passion in a relationship will take a new partner who excites them emotionally, and they choose to leave their current relationship. They see it as a way to move on in life and discover something better, but many of them will eventually rue their decision. Just because a new person is exciting does not always mean they are the perfect person, and the passion they exhibit could turn into an emotional mine field when disagreements occur.

When a couple has been together for several years, they should expect that their romantic passions will tend to wane a bit. They should not mistake their lack of passion about other subjects to be part of this waning, and they need to realize that they are learning how to live together instead of drifting apart. Those who believe arguments and disagreements constitute passion will soon learn that seeking more of that behavior is a way to diminish their own control over the life they live.